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Our Story

We wanted to create a space for creative people to buy and sell their crafts – So this is how it came about

Heather’s story.

As a child I was exposed to a lot of arts and crafts, my father, and his father were wood workers, my mother a talented seamstress and knitter. So after going through covid, and consequent pneumonia I found myself turning to childhood hobbies, crochet, knitting and macrame. After producing some items of quality, I decided to try my luck selling them on a generic sales platform. I found that my crafts just seemed to get lost amongst every day, and cheap imported products. (And I was sure my crafts weren’t that)

This prompted me to get together with a dear friend of mine, to try and set up a website for home hobbyists and crafters. 

Kaeli’s story.

I have known Heather for 20+ years, over this time we have shared many life events together, so it didn’t surprise me when Heather asked me, yet again to join her in another adventure.

I live in a small rural community, and every day I see the effort and passion that people put into their handywork, so when Heather approached me regarding creating a website, I was immediately on board!

I have a general background in crafting/arts, my grandfather was the head at Leeds art college, and when we visited him, we were exposed to lots of arts and crafts. My nan was an avid, crotchet/knitter, and I used to love watching her. Later, two friends opened a cake shop and taught me how to work with fondant, and this has led me to working with clay.

Consequently, I would love to see New Zealand arts and crafts get the commercial recognition it deserves, from the beginners to the accomplished professionals.

Why shop here.

The Craft Marketplace is the ideal destination for discovering unique gifts infused with a Kiwi essence. Explore our collection, which includes carefully crafted scented candles, amazing handmade knives, and a host of baby gifts! We facilitate connections between buyers and products born from the imaginative minds of artisans in New Zealand who passionately craft their creations with love. When you shop at The Craft Marketplace, you’re not only supporting local sellers by putting money in their pockets but also spreading love of crafts throughout New Zealand.

Within our website, you’ll encounter an array of ingenious creations, featuring a mix of cleverly designed items, charming Kiwiana, vintage pieces, upcycled treasures, and environmentally conscious products. Step into our shops, treat your skin to a luscious hand and body cream , dangle a pair of Liquorice All Sorts earrings, and secure the perfect, unique gift for any occasion, give the best gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries or just treat yourself!

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