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How do I sign up?

First watch these videos (Vendor Registration,  Basic Store set up) Then go here and complete the forms.

What are the fees?

There are no membership fees and no listing fees, just a fee once you have sold your goods this (will be re-assessed every 6 months from website start date). This is how our fees work, we charge a 5% fee on the completion of your sale. There is also a processing fee from Stripe, of 2.9%+30c.

For example:

  • $ 10  item adds up to approximately $  1.50.
  • $100 item adds up to approximately $  8.20.
  • $200 item adds up to approximately $16.10.

Do I have to be exclusive to The Craft Market

No, you can sell your products anywhere

Where can find my banks SWIFT code?

Photo sizes to use

For your store banner please use 1200 x 450 px and for your profile pic and product pic, please use square photo’s 300 x 300 px should cover all bases. Please ask for help if you want us to edit and put up your photos for you.

What should I charge for shipping?

Various couriers charge differently, but as a good guide we use NZ Post online services, you can put in dimensions and weight here and it will tell you how much it will be.

Can I add a catagory?

Yes, however please let us know so we can update the main page with a suitable image. You can also add as many tags as you would like.

Please fill in the form if you need any further help

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