Fathers Day, Christmas and Community

Boom! Craft Rules!

It’s that time of year again when we find ourselves pondering over those truly
special gifts. With Father’s Day just around the corner and Christmas not too
far off, we’re in the season of thoughtful gifting.

As dedicated crafters, this is our cue to consider our Christmas inventory and
stock levels, ensuring that everyone has the chance to find something they
love. For those of us who create custom gifts, let’s spread the word far and
wide. When crafting your product descriptions, highlight the fact that we’re
more than happy to personalise our crafts, making each piece even more unique
and special.

There’s a growing spotlight on eco-friendly gifts these days. I’ve recently noticed
some incredible recycled and repurposed items featured on our site, making for
thoughtful, one-of-a-kind presents. Speaking of which, let’s extend a warm
invitation to all the expats out there. They should know about The Craft
Marketplace – a wonderful opportunity to shop local in NZ and save on shipping

Before we wrap up, remember that a picture speaks volumes. Sharing a snapshot of your
crafty creations as your shop banner, can truly make your shop stand out. Also,
don’t forget that categorising your items isn’t just about organisation; it’s
like leading shoppers on a treasure hunt to discover their perfect piece of

As we move forward together, embracing all the little hiccups along the way, let’s
cherish the imperfections that add character to our shared story. Our heartfelt
thanks for being part of this journey, for your continuing support, and for
helping make The Craft Marketplace a vibrant canvas filled with colour and

With joy and an unwavering crafting spirit,

Heather and Kaeli

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