Xmas Shopping and Craft Market Adventures

Xmas Stall @ Feilding Craftmarket

Last Saturday was an absolute blast as Kaeli and I headed out to the Feilding Craft Market!

On our way there, I had a sweet detour at the Waikanae Market and got to reconnect with two wonderful folks – Estelle from Sunnyside Up and Dave from Tolmay Custom Knives. I was thrilled to share some of our Craft Marketplace personalized tote bags and business cards with them. If you’d like some too, just give us a holler, and we’ll do our best to make it happen! 🛍️

Meeting all of you was truly a highlight. Seeing faces behind the names and feeling the warmth of your welcome meant the world to us. Your support continues to fill our hearts with gratitude. ❤️

While we were at the market, we discovered a wealth of talented artisans creating some truly amazing crafts. What’s more, we managed to snag a few Christmas gifts with the holiday season fast approaching. 🎁

It was a day filled with new friendships, shared smiles, and exciting finds. Here’s to more adventures and connections in the future! 🎉

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