Valentines Day is upon us!

Happy Crafty Valentines!

For all your valentines out there, we have heaps of gifts for you to choose from! 

Remember, “Happy spouse Happy house”.

This year so far has been very rewarding with a lot more crafters and artisans joining our forever-growing team, we have an amazing variation of gifts being made available for our buyers.

For those of you who are still attending all the wonderful summer markets, please let us know the name of your stall and which market you are attending, we would like to advertise you on our website.

Here is a plug for you all, remember the corporate market, there is many an opportunity to encourage local businesses to buy for birthdays and corporate events to increase your sales. Real estate agents love to make up baskets for their vendors, let them know your available to help out.

And, don’t forget to keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for our posts and share, share, share!!

Weekend forecast: Crafting with a chance of chocolate!

Heather and Kaeli.

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