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Kaeli and Heather are Introducing a sales platform with you, the creator/artist in mind.

This platform is aimed towards anyone who creates, from emerging artists to the practiced, from retirees who want to keep occupied and the young who would like to boost their pocket money through to those brave enough to set up their own businesses. This is for those who want to sell their work, made with patience and passion.

We are looking at enticing buyers nationally and internationally to support New Zealand’s amazing crafters. We believe that we will be able to increase or assist in creating an income for artists who are unable to get to craft markets or increasing the exposure for artists who are currently only selling at craft markets.

This is not to take away from any other sales platform or website, you are on, but to add to!

We are endeavouring to create a supportive community environment where everyone can share their passions, stories, and their journeys, where everyone can showcase their creations both past and present, where sales can be made, and crafts can be commissioned.

The only thing we ask of you is that you are listing the work you have created and that you supply confirmation of a physical NZ address.

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